Thursday, July 29, 2004

yarn addiction and the rich fool

I've been thinking about yarn addiction this week as I prepare my sermon for this Sunday. The lesson is the parable of the rich fool in Luke's Gospel. In this parable, Jesus tells us about a man who has been very successful in his farming--so successful that he has built up a store of more and more crops. Now he has to build bigger McMansions--oops, I mean, storehouses, to store all of his worldly goods. And as he rests he thinks to himself, "Soul, you have stored up many goods for many years." Of course he hasn't done anything of value for his soul at all, but confused his life with his possessions with his life with God.

Many of us crocheters/knitters online talk jokingly about our yarn addictions, and our stashes. I love being creative, and I love the energy I get from combining colors and textues and learning a new skill. But I wonder if we're not in danger of confusing our life with our yarn with the life of our souls?


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