Friday, September 10, 2004

The 21st Century has arrived and it's sitting on my computer

I came back from my uncle's funeral in Dallas to find out that a church in Seattle that I hadn't heard from in awhile had moved me to their semi-finalist pile and wanted to do an interview with me via webcam (!!!). I was puzzled because--I have no webcam. Later it was revealed that they were fed exing me the webcam and now it is sitting on my computer. Thanks to the patient work of a parishioner who I now know reads my blog it is up and running and this morning I have even taught myself to take a picture. (Now I just have to figure out how to attach it to this blog.)

Some thoughts: The camera adds at least 10 pounds. I felt a little better after another parishioner sat down in front of it, someone who is fairly trim, and it added some heft to her, too. I'm going to be straightening up those bookshelves in the background later. I've figured out that it looks a little better to be slightly away from the camera. And I owe said patient parishioner who I now know reads my blog a nice dinner.