Friday, December 31, 2004

100 Things about Me, Part 1

Had trouble with some regular posting, so thought I would start working on a 100 Things List about me--here goes:

1. I am a native Chicagoan, born inside the city limits.
2. I am a native North Sider (Rogers Park)
3. Therefore I am congenitally bound to the Cubs for life.
4. I currently live in St. Louis
5. I am married to another Episcopal priest.
6. We should start the therapy fund for any potential offspring soon.
7. We are currently housing Wilbur (small, fluffy, passive aggresive and adorable) and Hootie, short for Houdini (long, muscular, shorthair and a lap cat).
8. I went to the University of Illinois in Urbana.
9. Therefore I find the colors orange and navy blue to a be a normal and potentially attractive combination.
10. I own seventy five Star Trek books which I carefully collected with my allowance as a child.
11. I have a Doctor Who book signed by Peter Davison.
12. My large toenail is growing back in after losing it hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park this summer.
13. I was double promoted and skipped first grade.
14. I learned to drive when I was 23 and living in Arizona.
15. I lived in Tucson for 8 years.
16. in 8th grade I was voted "most likely to have her nose in a book."

That's enough for now.

Mostly I am also thinking about the unbelievable death toll coming out of Asia. I could conceive of 40,000 dead--these current numbers -I think I heard 130,000? are beyond my imagination. Yesterday I donated on our behalf to Episcopal Relief and Development but it seems so insignificant. Although it's easy for us to feel poor, David and I have SO MUCH, and we take so much of it for granted. And I think that's not a bad thought to be pondering as we head into the New Year.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Merry Christmas

NOt quite sure where the last few days have gone. I'm completely frustrated with my inability to post to blog on my own computer w/o switching over to pokey IE in the middle of an online session. This may have to be a post-holiday project.

I'm composing this at David's office where I have been stranded by my car. I'm driving to Sikeston, MO to supply on Christmas Eve, and my car had not had its 60,000 mile check up, nor its 75,000 mile checkup (ok, it's only at 71, but still, it looms). Also, I needed the #@*&%!!! state safety inspection sticker, and well, an oil change.

So, it's going to come to a total of $340 with the inspection, the oil change, and, oh yeah, a couple of critical belts and fluids needed servicing.

Christmas knitting continues. I had an ambitious list, which has gotten pared down. I made a very soft kitty bed with Jiffy, making two squares of differing stitch patterns, stuffing lightly with fiberfill. Also a bowtie scarf out of Cotton Fleece. I made a new Christmas stock for MOI out of Reynolds Lopi and Knit Christmas Stockings!. I'm currently working on a Lopi scarf in a sort of charcoal heather in a Farrow Rib pattern. Also, I'm celebrating the resurrection of Illini basketball by working on an orange and blue scarf with TLC Essentials navy blue and Red Heart Kids Orange. The colors are Illini perfect and the inspiration was the patterns for team scarves in this month's Family Circle Easy Knitting. The pattern is simple but the article provided the impetus to pick up the yarn. Although I'm not crazy to be having this unintentional time off, my knitting skills are growing at a rapid pace (as is the stash, needless to say). The Christmas stocking taught me how to turn the heel and pick up stitches along the heel flap--the only challenge was getting right/left mixed up with the heel flap and having a few rounds of reverse stockinette before figuring out the problem. A frogging we will go, a frogging we will go. When I switched to the OTHER right heel flap (LOL) things got much better.

Knit on!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

ok, ok, I'll post

There are times when having a blog feels a little bit like having a semester-long term paper that you really should have started on awhile ago, and should be working on regularly so you're not cramming it all in at the last minute. . .

It's hard to think of creative things to post when life has pretty much consisted of the very glamorous life of someone looking for work, tackling months of housework that fell by the wayside--I mean, I may get pretty excited about finally getting a covered garbage can for the laundry room with the kitty litter, but that's probably just me.

My knitting skills are growing at least, and I managed to knit my husband a hat over the past few days. We had Tuesday morning as a deadline--he needed a hat to go running in our cold spell. I found a dark blue skein of Canadiana at Hearthstone for $1 (!!) and went round and round on circular needles and dpns until done. This morning he told me he wasn't going to run outside, it really was just TOO COLD. (How dare he after all that work? : ))I made him promise he would at least wear it while walking across the parking lot at the JCC.

My current goal is to continue to use up yarn using tools and patterns I already have or can download for free on the 'net. We'll see how long this lasts. (Yarn, notice, is not on the do not buy list. That's just asking a bit too much).