Monday, January 17, 2005

random thoughts

Go Illini

I'm now rooting for the Patriots because I like the way they play football--teamwork and because it looks like they don't just mechanically run plays, but play smart. Also, I enjoyed cheering for Tedy Bruschi when I lived in Tucson (he played for Arizona). When he made a play we would all yell "Broooooo-ski!"

Sign seen on Hwy 61 in southeastern Missouri on my way home from Sikeston: Immaculate Conception Multipurpose Building. It took me a few minutes to realize it was the gym for a Catholic school and not some sort of bizarre fertility clinic.

Other sign seen on Hwy 61--Lithium, Missouri--5 miles.

Random knitting content--I've finished about half the back of the sweater I'm working on but want to Beth the Knitting Goddess' supervision when adding the next ball of yarn. I've taught myself how to add yarn but it always a little dicey and that's why I'm taking a class.

Highlights of yesterday's sermon--I got to work WUECM's t-shirt--"MMM-locusts" (John the Baptist) into the sermon.


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