Tuesday, April 26, 2005

inquiring minds

No, we're not yet in Oklahoma. We have moved DH out of his office. We've been doing some traveling--a night at Pere Marquette Park (locally pronounced as "pierre") and a night at Nauvoo, the home of the Mormons before they headed West.

Also had a great visit with Fr. Tim Hallett, my former rector at The Chapel of St. John the Divine in Champaign, which is getting underway with a Chapel Completion Fund to get rid of the "lean-to" which houses the chancel, sacristy and vesting room.
A worthy cause indeed.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Good Shepherd Sunday

Is there anyone else besides me who finds it difficult to preach on this Sunday? Not because I don't love the imagery, and it usually is a Good Hymn Sunday, but I just often find it difficult to find some new "way in" to open up the lectionary to me.

I'm currently mulling the background of violence in the story--the story immediately preceding it is about the blind man who is healed by Jesus, and who is put out of the synagogue, and the story of Stephen being martyred. The Good Shepherd isn't a nice fairy tale, it was God's grace, love and guidance being experienced under very difficult circumstances.

life lesson learned

Do not schedule a moving day for the day taxes are due.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Guthrie visit

I've got some time here on an excellently fast computer this morning, so catching up on some blogging! I wanted to share about our visit to Guthrie, OK, which we did after we had found our new apartment in OKC. A friend from David's church drove us up to Guthrie because she was taking pity on my yarn shop withdrawal. Also, Guthrie is nice and historical and good for a quick day trip.

Let me say how much I LOVED SWAK, the yarn shop in Guthrie. Yarn addicts may have seen it advertised in knitting magazines. I signed up for their email list when I realized we were heading to OK. When I checked email in OKC, there was a notice of a sale. The Holy (knitting) Spirit, or what? So off we went, had a fabulous lunch at Granny Had One, toured the Episcopal Church in Guthrie, walked around the historic downtown, and I made my trip to Mecca. I managed to come home with only a few things, but I'm ready to go back! Only a knitter would consider access to a yarn shop incentive to get on with the packing and moving. . .


I'm a little slow sometimes, but I did want to say thanks to everyone who posted congratulations and connections in Oklahoma. I feel very strongly that the Holy Spirit is blowing us down I-44 and I'm so grateful that when we get there we will already know people from blogland as well as the usual one degree of separation that is the Episcopal Church.

nothing to watch

All of us confirmed sacristy rats will now have to find other things to watch on early morning television. Between the Pope's funeral mass and the blessing of Charles and Camilla I imagine there were more than a few of us liturgy junkies glued to CNN. Cheers to Archbishop Wilton Gregory (or whoever it was) who pointed out that the Peace was not an innovation but a restoration of an ancient Eucharistic custom. And I know I wasn't the only one who was more interested in who the clergy were at St. George's Chapel than in who the celebrities were!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

beware the Ides of--April?

I'm not going to go into detail about why I haven't been posting much or reading and posting on others, so let's just say: ancient computer, Holy Week, moving, taxes, automobile repair. Or denial about all of the above.

That pretty much covers it.