Thursday, July 27, 2006

Adventures In Harlotry, Part the Second

The committee: (Thanks, y'all. And a shout-out to Janet for the homemade shortbread).

The ceremonial giving of the swirly tornado thingie you can get at the airport gift shop:

The tornado meets the travelling sock.
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A very Harlot kind of evening

July has been quite exciting around these here parts.
(The cats share in all the excitement).

I spent a week in Tulsa with the Royal School of Church Music.
I passed my two year blogiversary (Hi, I'm Emily, and I'm a blogger.)
We had a wedding and a patronal feast at St. C's--all in the same weekend.
And last, and most certainly not least, the Metro OKC Knitters' Guild and Gourmet Yarn hosted Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, known to the yarn-obsessed online knitting community as the Yarn Harlot.

I was ruthlessly browbeat happy and delighted to chair the Reception Committee for the evening, and other than worrying about the numbers (did we have enough veggie trays?), all seemed well on our end until I went to pick up the cake at Large Chain Grocery Store That Shall Remain Nameless.

The cake was not finished. Three hours before we had to be in our seats at the library, awaiting the entrance of the Harlot, and the cake wasn't done.

The bakery manager took our cake to a decorator at another store and I paced the aisles of Large Chain Grocery Store That Shall Remain Nameless (lousy magazine section, folks). The store manager, I should add, was quite helpful, and, as you can see, not only did we have our cake with Stephanie's blog logo on it, it was free.

The words "free full-size sheet cake" are very pleasant to the ear.

Even more pleasant to the ear:

I had to stop pinching myself. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee was in Oklahoma City? She is, in person, even more delightful than her blog and a keen observer of the life of knitters.

Don't be frightened. We're pretty well-behaved as long as we have yarn and pointy sticks in our hands.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

better late than never

the Friday RevGalBlogPal Five:

And now the Five:1) What is your first memory of the RevGalBlogPals?
I remember reading over at Reverend Mommy's placethat what had been a loose circle of corresponding women clergy could form a ring, and I signed up pretty early.

2) Have you met any of the other ring members in real life? I think the only one that I know is Wide-Eyed and Laughing . We knew each other before she went off to seminary.

3) Of those you haven't met, name a few you would love to know in person. Surely this isn't an exhaustive list, and if I leave you off, it's only b/c I'm not awake yet. (Nor am I going to futz with all that HTML this morning). Reverend Mommy, Songbird, MaryBeth, Quotidian Grace, Reverend Mother, Cheesehead, Construction Time Again, Cathy Knits, St. Casserole, Pink Shoes, The Big Dunk. . .or just check out my sidebar. We Oklahoma/Texas Gals/Pals should make an effort, and soon, to find a place and time to meet.

4) What has Ring Membership added to your life? Virtual friendships and thought provoking moments with women clergy (and those in discernment processes) that helps ease the sometimes lonely nature of being clergy and of being a woman in Holy Orders.

5) Describe a hope for the future of the WebRing. That we find ways to meet in person!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

home again, home again

jiggety jig indeed.

Ok, I was away in Tulsa all last week. I have been at the annual Royal School of Church Music Summer Course sponsored by Trinity, Tulsa, and for which I am the chaplain. This requires moving into the dorms at the University of Tulsa (hereinafter referred to as "TU"), celebrating Eucharist at 7:30 in the morning, and generally hanging out with the staff and participants, and officiating our Evensongs every day.

Our time at TU also coincides with the annual Presby Youth Synod held there; I have no problems with Presbys or Youth Synods, but there just seemed to be an awful lot of them this year, always standing in front of places I wanted to be. But they always appreciate our sung tgrace, and clap heartily when we sing it in the dining hall.

I'll post more about the whole thing later--today I'm catching up on laundry and unpacking. It's like becoming a college student all over again for a week--pillows, linens, laptop, along with assorted liturgical hardware and software, all have to come along and be hauled up the stairs at LaFortune Hall.

I'm quite behind in my blog reading, too. . .I had my computer but the whole experience is really overwhelming and all-encompassing. Hope you all are surviving the heat!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Yes, I exist

Will explain later.

Simply accept that I am dodging hordes of Presbyterian youth while writing many sermons and giving my voice a workout.

Oh, and I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in days.

Back soon.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Yesterday I went downtown to get the paperwork done to get licensed to perform weddings in the county. . .

First I stopped at the diocesan office to get a little photo ID that proved I was ordained so I didn't have to drag my framed-in-glass ordination certificate down to the courthouse.

I finally found my way to the correct office in the courthouse. Now it's always a trip to go to a lcoal courthouse to start--I've been with parishioners for trials and divorce hearings, and family court. . .it's such a crossroads of people--well-dressed lawyers, people just barely surviving. . .

It turned out that the minister's licenses were in the same room as the marriage licenses.

Let me tell you, in a room full of people waiting to get married (there were people in long dresses and tuxes, just waiting to see a judge), a woman entering the room wearing black and a collar can really stop the conversation.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Five

via the RevGals:

short things for a short week:

Short People: aside from one of my favorite covers by the King Singers, I would be the resident short person in our household (well, aside from the felines). I'm a scosh short of 5 foot 5.

Short Cuts: I just got my hair cut today, and am quite happy with the stylist I found last month. It's always traumatic to move to a new city and find that person who will "get" your hair.

Short Attention Span: Mine. Frankly, it's amazing to me that I still have a blog, almost two years into it. I tend to become very passionate about things very quickly, and then move on.

Shortness of Breath: (from teenage years) brought on by Harrison Ford, Pierce Brosnan, assorted British actors who wandered through Shakespearean drama on PBS. I actually had a Han Solo shrine on my bedroom wall--I collected every bubblegum card that had his photo on it.

Short-waisted: sadly, that's me.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

A quiet holiday for us--it seems to be raining--if it lets up, we'll be off to some fireworks with friends from Husband's congregation here shortly.

An odd way of celebrating the 4th--doing a little genealogy research. On my father's side, it's a little tough to research--his side of the family are post WWII immigrants, and the ancestry is lost in the murkiness of any genealogy research involving Jewish communities in the German speaking lands of Moravia, Bohemia, Austria.

A couple of days ago, a woman responded to an entry I left a while back on a genealogy research board. We've corresponded briefly, and her last email led me to a site with records from the Nazi death camps.

So I've been looking at two possible entries for women who died in Terezin/Theresienstadt, who could be my great-grandmother. I've always known she died there, but to see it on the computer screen is sobering.

So I am grateful for the blessings of living in a country that celebrates independence and freedom; it often falls short of the promise, and it's a constant struggle, but I will gladly watch the fireworks and hum along with the marches that the OKC Symphony will play.

(Although, it's been so dry, I can live with it if it just pours, too).

Monday, July 03, 2006

summer blogging

I don't have much to post right now--nothing wrong on this end, I just don't have much to contribute.

So I don't even have random bulleted thoughts.

Perhaps tomorrow.