Sunday, August 01, 2004

busy crochet day in St. Louis

The highlight of yesterday was the first meeting of the St. Louis chapter of the CGOA out at the Borders in Creve Coeur. It was nice to meet other crocheters. We sat at the big book group table and got out our hooks and yarn. There were a lot of us and many conversations going on at once. It was nice to put faces on some names from the crochetstlouis group. I managed to walk out of Borders without any new books, which is a good thing.

Friday afternoon I stopped at Hearthstone on my way home and came home with my order of Plymouth Encore Chunky to do the mesh wrap out of FCEK Easy Crochet projects. It's a brownish black medley and if I used it as a gift will not show the contributions of Wilbur and Houdini (the black kitties) to the project.


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