Friday, November 04, 2005


Cathy and Gower Street have both tagged me for idiosyncracies. And I've been plagued by writer's block, probably stemming from a fear of too much self-revelation. So here are a couple to feed the ravenous hordes:

My favorite color is red. Does that count as an idiosyncracy? It does when a friend drops you off at the airport and you're begging hinting that maybe she might pick up some yarn for you when she leaves the next day for England, and that she can always safely buy you something in red, and you realize that your suitcase is red, your purse is red, your jacket is red, your scarf has strong tones of red, your toenail polish is red (although your nails are pink, but that's just a subtler form of red. . .)

I'm always fascinated by what's on the ground. This predates my days when I thought I was going to be an archaeologist, but it was honed by a summer walking up and down soybean fields looking for pottery, flakes and (ugh) daub.

Having exorcised this idiosyncratic meme burden (at least partially), how about some pet peeves (do those count as idiosyncracies?)

Here's mine for the morning. Shower stalls that don't ventilate very well, i.e. that send out personal, handwritten invitations to mildew and mold to come take up residence.

People who answer their cell phones in airport bathrooms. Don't they understand the bubble of personal space one is entitled to in an airport bathroom? Ditto for people who stand too close to one in bookstores and make cell phone calls. Aisles are for quiet browsing and contemplation, not overhearing details of your relationship with your sister.

Feel free to add your own!


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Cathy said...

Ok, I will post a pet peeve of mine at church and people think I am crazy, so I don't divulge it much so I don't get thrown in a padded cell.

Inserts of the readings in the order of worship - why do we have them? We have layreaders to read the lessons, we have the Psalms in the BCP (our children will never know there is the Psalter in the BCP) and then there is the page turning when the person is reading..... why even read it?
ok, I have gotten off my soapbox now. I have other pet peeves, but this one is the one I am on a "tear" about right now.


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