Tuesday, December 27, 2005

a little RevGal meme

1. What is the best gift you received this year? (Tangible gifts only, please!)

Let's just say that husband did a really nice job with the wish list at the yarn shop. I have to say that the little Lantern Moon sheepie tape is terribly amusing: pull on its tail to get the tape measure, press its fuzzy stomach to pull it back in. I am SO easily entertained.

2. What is the best gift you gave this year? The upgrade to the 10th edition of Chessmaster for the husband. Actually, I enjoyed giving the Branching Out Scarf, two DW dishcloths and Red Dirt soap, the Yours Truly Cabled Scarf (which I need to post a pic of here), and a children's book called "S is for Sooner." To a grownup.

3. When did you do most of your shopping/creating? I started working on scarves and stuff in the fall. I spent some hours online in the early morning on a couple of occasions, and made a couple trips to Borders and Barnes and Noble--that was pretty much it. I stayed out of the holiday shopping madness as much as possible, and only set foot in Penn Square Mall once, in the evening, to see what was to be seen.

4. Did you go shopping the day after Thanksgiving (U.S.)? Online only
Today? Um, the yarn shop had a sale, and as the Harlot would say, um, my credit card "fell" out of my wallet, and, er. . .but hey, some of it's for a charity auction in the spring.

5. What stands out already about Christmas 2005?
My sermon plopping, like a gift, onto the keys. Driving through an Oklahoma evening between Clinton and Guthrie, listening to Garrison Keillor and humming Christmas carols. The stars in the bright sky after church. Singing with the choir at husband's church. Houdini's congestion, which is producing noises unlike which you have never heard--the vet said, "he's the snottiest cat I've ever seen."


At 10:48 PM, Blogger Susan said...

Did Christmas seem to come and go extra fast this year? I really enjoy reading your posts, especially the sermons!

At 9:50 AM, Blogger Emily said...

I agree, it flew by! I think having it on a Sunday with Monday being "normal" seemed to help rush it past.

And thanks.


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