Wednesday, November 24, 2004

First snowflake

Random thoughts on the day before Thanksgiving:

I just the first snowflake of the season outside my window. Oh, how I want to drive through St. Louis traffic and pick up the last few items for tomorrow and make it to my appointment in Creve Coeur, which will leave me driving home in the rush hour and rain.

I have just finished knitting a pair of slippers from the little Knit Kit box of cards I picked up when first curious about knitting. They are in boysenberry Wool-Ease Chunky and have inspired me to do a little (very little, mind you) housework. I have swatched some of the leftover yarn which I intend to use in a raglan Mistake Rib sweater out of last year's Knit It (original in Homespun, about which I have already posted my ambivalent feelings).

Reading Yarn Harlot's blog this morning has made me realize I have set up my project table in the exact spot where we have in the past few years set up our Christmas tree (yes, it is artificial, which we have to have per apartment regulations,but it also comes pre-strung with lights. Hmm. I'm not going to point this out to David quite yet.

October was a terrible month. I can't really say too much on a semi-public blog but suffice it to say that it has taken until this time in November for me to feel rested and ready to tackle parish ministry again. In fact, I'm feeling a little fire and energy about it. We'll see what the next few weeks bring.

I'm responsible for cranberries (red) and vegetable (green) for dinner tomorrow. I need to pick up the berries as I'm not sure of the age of the frozen ones in our freezer and perhaps another veggie if I'm not up to the whole brussels sprouts experiment. Also there's some smoked trout fillets, which could probably use some sour cream or cream cheese to make a dip.

I have six skeins of cheap acrylic yarn which I need to use up, perhaps in a crochet lapghan. It's Wintuk Rosewine. This will cause me to spend a few happy hours browsing the charity patterns sites as well as Stargazer's and Crochet Pattern Central's sites. In other charity needlework news, I've got quite a few snuggles I need to package up and either mail or drop off in Granite City or St. Charles. Also need to take photos of all of the above. One of these days I will set up a gallery on the blog. Nobody hold their breath.

Houdini was deeply disturbed by the sight of me sliding happily across our wood floors in my new slippers.


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