Thursday, January 27, 2005

confession, part 2

continuing this pre-Lenten theme:

When I was running into a continuing ed workshop today (run by the Lutheran School of Theology, here in St. Louis, and a very good and worthwhile workshop it was, Edgar Krenz of Seminex on preaching Matthew in Lent), I was frantically looking for some paper to take notes, and came up with my green spiral Spirituality for Ministry notebook out of the crate in my trunk. Why would I be driving around with my seminary notes in a crate in a trunk, you could ask. (They're heavy and I live on the twelfth floor--and the little elves are going to take them and file them for me any day now). I digress. There seemed to be a number of empty pages in the back (it was a very experiential class, after all), so I took it in with me.

Well, it turns out that in addition to taking such very good notes in Spirituality for Ministry, I was shocked and surprised (ahem), as I'm sure the Seabury faculty would be, to discover that I also spent some time writing notes back and forth with a fellow seminarian (who shall remain nameless but whose initial are KB) who also shared my predilection for the back left table in the corner of Classroom 22. And I am stunned (no, really) to find out how much energy and passion went into discussions about issues of WORSHIP TEAM and EASTER VIGIL and other such life changing matters.

It's a good thing I'm all grown up, and that Iwe don't spend such energy debating trivial church issues, and I certainly made NO side comments to my neighbor today (although they were all spurred by the revelatory nature of Edgar Krenz' presentation).

And certainly being the mature, thoughtful, reflective person that I am, I didn't hop in the car immediately after class and squeeze in a trip to the lovely yarn shop at Myers House, conveniently also located in North County, and only a brief drive from our meeting space at Unity Lutheran Church in Bel-Nor.

No, I certainly would never BUY MORE YARN. But at least I bought five fewer skeins than I've used in the past week, so stash reduction is still theoretically in progress.

The sweater is completely finished and now only needs 3 needle binding off and mattress stitching and such. But our last class at Knitorious was this past Tuesday and I'm very sad. I'm so sad I'm making an upside down smile.


At 9:10 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Emily, don't be sad! You know where to find us! There's always someone with a supportive smile at Knitorious.

At 9:23 PM, Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...


At 7:34 PM, Blogger Beth said...

See, if you were here now, you could be instant messaging people anywhere in the room (or really, anywhere) during Spirituality for Ministry or any other class (talking only about class matters, of course). Though I suppose then you couldn't stumble on the conversations years later... And the back table is convenient for computers, though I prefer the right. ;)


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