Thursday, January 13, 2005

Knitting Content

I took my first class this week at Knitorious, a new yarn shop which opened last year on Southwest just off Hampton. A dangerous place, since it is only ten minutes from our home. Too close to all that yarn. I'm excited for the owner, because these days they're always busy when I stop in.

Our teacher, Beth (http://yarnenvy.blogspot.com), was enthusiastic and great. I've taught myself what I can out of books, but there's really no substitute for someone talking to you directly. There were three other women there as well, and they all seemed very interesting (including at least one other Episcopalian--well, it's a small world).

I picked up some gorgeous cherry red yarn (Nature Wool) for my first sweater and did a swatch yesterday. The good news is that my gauge is right on for what the ball band says--the bad news (you guessed it) is that I'm a stitch off for the project gauge. Sigh. I'll have to get out the 11s today and give it a shot.

Currently OTNs: my Illini scarf is just over the halfway mark (an important milestone, as both DH and I have a theory that getting to and past the halfway point on any project--a large book, knitting, etc. is crucial to actually finishing it); a wavy rib scarf from a Kennita Tully design in a little BHG knitting booklet (also just past the halfway point) and a teddy bear scarf to use up some Homespun for my beloved Benjamin Bear, who has been sitting around in his bathrobe since DH and I brought him home from Build a Bear last year (a St. Nicholas Day present).


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