Thursday, January 13, 2005

Non-Knitting Content

Reading: "The Best Sportswriting of 2004." If you want to be thoroughly chilled, read Lynne Cox's description of her swim in Antarctica in this collection (originally published in the New Yorker). Her description of her life and training for this swim puts the reader in the water alongside her. Wear warm slippers and sit under a cozy afghan while you read this one.

"Americana. " A collection of writing by Hampton Sides. These pieces are best taken, in my opinion, one at a time. I'm halfway through the book and have journeyed with him on his adventures interviewing Airstream caravanners, zippies, and runners who throw their bodies into the Marathon of the Sahara (I don't remember its French title).

Watching: "Angel" Season 4 on DVD. A Christmas present to ourselves. Much broody angst. We love it.

Doing: Supplying in Sikeston this Sunday. Ruminating on the John lesson for this coming Sunday. Enjoying reading the blogs I've discovered while working on the Blogging Episcopalians ring. There are many, many deep thinkers (many of them Episcopalian) out there. I don't pretend to be one of them. My gifts run to other areas, but I'm glad to be reading them and having my thinking challenged. And Barbara of http://topmostapple.blogspot has offered graphic design help--yay and thanks!

On my mind to plan: Set up eagle watching excursions. Pick up knitting needles w/o buying more yarn (easier said than done).


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