Tuesday, November 16, 2004

knitting opinions

I read somewhere that Elizabeth Zimmerman once wrote that every knitter worth her salt should have opinions. Well, I still count myself as a newbie knitter, but I do have some opinions developing:


Addictive. Completely. Now, on the constant debate between "cheap" yarn and "good" yarn. I love yarn. I wouldn't make an heirloom sweater out of Red Heart Super Saver, but it's useful for what it should be used for: hard-wearing items for animals and home use. I'm not going to use Cascade for a doggie ball.

Lion Brand Yarns: I like some of them, especially the wool-ease and cotton-ease. I have mixed feelings about Homespun. I hate the way it splits and melts. OTOH, thanks to the inspiration of a fellow lectionary knitter, I'm in the middle of a scarf holding two strands together. I like the soft thickness with the mistake rib pattern I'm using. But I don't think I'd trust a sweater made out of it. And don't get me started on anybody's eyelash yarns.
Although I can see possibilities with the kitty bed from SnB

Yarn Stores: Why do Michael's and Hobby Lobby not vary their selection a little more? Why don't they carry more colors? On the good yarn front, let there be versions of Myers House Weaving Dept. in heaven. Or Hearthstone with their friendly service.

Needles: Oh dear. Also addictive. I'm glad I bought the Denise set. It does simplify matters entirely and overall I'm fairly pleased with how yarn moves along on them. This morning I'm playing with my Brittany 10s. Their sturdy wood feels very comfortable and comforting. I like using the bigger size Brittanys better than my pair of 7s. They feel like they hold things up sometimes.
That being said, I have nothing against the trusty Boyes I started with. And then there's that pair of Addis. More, please.

My current project is Yarn Stash Reduction, especially I want to move out some of the cheap yarns to the Snuggles Project (trhat 14 x 14 small animal size is perfect for using up odds and ends). There's the aforementioned Homespun Mistake Rib scarf. This morning I"m going to design a Snuggles blanket out of some leftover Jiffy. There's a pretty blue eyelet pattern scarf out of a children's learn to knit book that's OTN as well. I still have to finish the ears and faces on the bath puppets out of Melanie Falick's Kids Knitting, another Christmas present.


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