Wednesday, August 18, 2004

and now, for some actual crocheting

I have almost finished a preemie afghan in some leftover lavender Caron Simply Soft. It's from a pattern at Craftown, (dagnabbit, I'm still unclear how to post links and the pattern's at home). It's rows of HDC and puff stitches, very soft. I am thinking of sending it and any others to the MO Humane Society or some of the other local shelters that accept snuggles blankets.

I did practice some more knitting. I found a Lion Brand Learn to Knit kit on sale at Michael's. For 12 bucks to big skeins of Thick and Quick, a pattern, and some 15 needles. My knit stitches look so nice and even now compared to what I started with!
So I can now knit, purl, do ribbing and seed stitch, and also Yarnovers and Knit2 decreases.

For my next trick, I'm going to make a knit ball for some friends' new dog. The pattern is supposed to teach increasing and decreasing. And I want to get some nice wool yarn for a scarf with a knit eyelet pattern.


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