Thursday, July 07, 2005

Knitting Content #1

Finished object--mariner's scarf for Seamen's Church Institute's Ministry on the River. TLC Heathers (Blue Moon) on #6 Addi Turbos. Zipped along great. I've learned so much since I attempted this scarf before. I first tried to make one back in October of 2004, but I was much newer to knitting. I also tried to knit it at the diocesan convention of a previous diocese, and the conflict was so intense that I think I knit a lot of bad energy into it. When the pattern completely fell apart in my knitting I finally tossed it out (being Red Heart SS I had no trouble just tossing it into the trash). As I've often told people since, with that much bad juju, the barge would have sunk. (double-clicking on the image gives a better close-up of the texture).


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