Friday, July 08, 2005

weekly wrap-up

For the record:

this week I have started planning and collecting all the items I will need to pack for the Royal School of Church Music camp I am the chaplain for next week;

had one emotional meltdown over a misunderstood remark (it's all straightened out, but it happened to hit one of those huge core issues we all carry around);

picked a couple of squash out of the garden;

tried to will the tomatoes to ripen;

found the local Cokesbury bookstore, 10 minutes from our home, and found out that they offer a 20% clergy discount (this could be good or bad, depending on one's perspective);

tried to prepare for preaching at 11 services for same RSCM course;

oh, and--I drove all the way out to the church I was supplying at on Sunday (not Episcopal), 18 miles one way, only to discover the order of service was significantly different than the one I had been sent--significantly different. As in no communion. Coffee hour was a bag of cookies someone retrieved out of the refrigerator and plopped on a table for people to take cookies directly out of. Ah, the glamorous world of supply clergy. . .


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