Saturday, September 10, 2005

just a little sleepy

Just back from an Episcopal Church Women diocesan board retreat at the lovely St. Crispin's Center outside of Seminole (what, no photo with sock?).

Lots of thoughts but I'm very tired, partially through my own fault (staying up late to read Isaac's Storm, a 1999 book by Eric Larson about the 1900 Galveston hurricane) and partially because of the bizarre and loud noise that would kick on about every 20 minutes (there's an exhaust fan motor dying somewhere in Oakerhater Lodge).

The book is an illuminating read in light of current events. As you may know, this hurricane caused 6000+ deaths, and literally sank Galveston's chances to become the dominant city in that part of Texas (an honor now claimed by Houston).

Why did so many die? Power struggles on the part of weather officials (there were men who couldn't believe that Cuban weather forecasters could be more accurate than their American equivalents, and so banned access to Cuban weather reports) and simple human disbelief that a storm of that magnitude could demolish the city of Galveston. Facts were changed to fit theories in order to "prove" that Galveston was perfectly safe.

Of course they didn't have 24 hour news coverage and an entire cable network devoted to weather.

But I wonder how many of us would have made better decisions?


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