Saturday, September 17, 2005

meme-ing some more

Now I can't remember where I saw this, to give proper credit, because it's been making its round on the rings. Oh, dear.

Favorite fall dessert: Chocolate, no matter what the season!
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Best fall memory:
Worst fall memory:
Most puzzling fall memory: That fall happens in December in southern Arizona
Best thing about fall walks: the crisp evening air, the smell of fireplaces
Favorite fall chore: There are fall chores?
Least favorite fall chore: See above.
Best change in the home: Open windows.
Favorite flower: Pansies.
Best tree in the fall: Maples.
Fall ritual: browsing through back issues of Bon Appetit for Thanksgiving recipes.
Most frustrating thing about fall: Needs to arrive sooner, last longer.
Favorite childhood game: Jacks. Hey, I was a simple kid.
Favorite childhood memory: trick or treating
Favorite decorations: Your basic carved pumpkin with candle.
Favorite clothing: Sweater and jeans.
Best scenery: The fall leaves in Forest Park we used to see from our apartment window when we lived in St. Louis. Will report back later on Oklahoma fall scenery!
Best fall travel tip: Become a clergyperson. Then you can't travel on Thanksgiving and you get to miss the whole airport crowd thing.
Favorite drink: spiced cider.
Transportation: the back seat of a pickup truck on a friend's farm.
Traditional fall candy: Candy corn. But really, again, is chocolate ever out of season?
Favorite Sound: Wind blowing in leaves outside the window?
Best for fall sex: too much information for a public blog
Fall song: "We Gather Together".
Reliable prediction: I will buy some new sweaters.
Best fall television show: old Buffy Halloween and Thanksgiving episodes (husband would vote for Simpsons Halloween episodes)


At 11:21 PM, Blogger Annie said...

If you want fall to last longer, the worst place to be is Oklahoma. Give me a nudge if you see it.

p.s.- I'll play, too


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