Wednesday, August 11, 2004

tuesday yarn shop

You'd think a yarn outing with the crochet group would have satisfied me. But no, this little voice kept saying, "you have to go to Hobby Lobby to get a larger yarn needle for your bulky yarn." After all, if I can't weave in the ends, I'll just have more UFOs around the house, right? All in the name of organization! I'll just drive over to Hobby Lobby for a yarn needle. . .and the afghan pattern book I found on sale. . .and some yarn. . .and I just have to walk over to Hancock. . .and Wool-Ease Chunky was on sale, and isn't it time to try dyeing with Kool-Aid? How did that skein of Fisherman's wool get in my basket?

Meanwhile, I used up the first ball of Plymouth Encore Chunky on the brownish black stole (a Christmas gift), and taught myself to do a yarnover and knit 2 together decrease. I found a nice scarf pattern with the YO and decrease that I want to duplicate in a nicer yarn (the original was in Red Heart Kids). I also bought some double pointed needles which have helped in the whole knit frogging experience. It still seems easier to me to frog in crochet than in knitting, but then, I know what I'm doing a little better with crochet!

This morning I also looked up the local shelters which accept snuggles. I think I'm going to do some pet blanket projects to use up some of this yarn stash.


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