Monday, February 28, 2005

the stolle- connection

Stollen--a German holiday sweet bread filled with fruit and marzipan, which I acquired because our local Trader Joe's is giving them away for free last week.

Stoller, Debbie--the author of Stitch n Bitch, Stich and Bitch Nation, and founder of Bust magazine, on a book tour at our local yarn shop Knitorious on Friday evening, where I got to meet her and have her sign my copies of her books. There were 60 of us squished into the cozy space that is Knitorious, including my knitting teacher Beth (of Yarn Envy) and November, who was also in my class. Stoller spoke for awhile about her knitting history and how it finally clicked for her while she was knitting on a long train trip to Portland, OR. She passed around various projects from the book so we could see and touch them in person--some of them looked even better in person, like the spiderweb mohair capelet, which I was iffy about.

My favorite moment were the two little girls who were there with a Mom--they were at that age when grown-up words like "bitch" seem endlessly fascinating and funny, and everytime Stoller used the words "stitch and bitch" they giggled as if it were some secret code between themselves. Of course the word "boobies" left them practically hysterical.

I suggested that knitting lectionary group could call itself "stitch and preach" (oy--but I never can think of anything clever to say under these circumstances). Anyway, I have my signed books, I only ate one cookie (couldn't get near the free food due to the crowds) and came away with two balls of lavender velvety yarn for a pretty scarf to punch up boring black clergy clothes. Yes, I broke my Lenten yarn fast, but I wanted to buy something from Knitorious to support them since I already owned the books. Besides, I've used up two or three skeins of SuperSaver, which means my output is still exceeding my intake, which is the point.


At 7:16 AM, Blogger Jean said...

I appreciate your comments about knitting; I am a knitter, too. I blogged about knitting last week. See mountain muse musings: Knitting with Mom.

I am also a stitch and bitcher.

At 11:19 AM, Blogger Ginny said...

And I appreciate your stollen comment, because my mom used to make it every year for Christmas, and it's not much harder to make than cinnamon rolls. Let me know if you want the recipe. My regular blog is Blogula Rasa, but the church blog I maintain is on the Episcopal webring at Innocents: A Blog.

Nice Blogger design you have there, too. ;)

I'm no stitcher, but I'm definitely a bitcher.


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