Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What I was going to post about

was the concept of "fingerprints of God," which is the theme of the Vacation Bible School at the DH's parish this week. I think about it when I'm out on the patio, and what information is encoded in the DNA of the plants that are coming up (including my very first squash and tomato, now literally fruiting on the vine). I think about that code as the traces of God's work. And how unexpectedly spiritual an experience it is to walk out on the patio and smell the plants and the greenness of it all.

I was going to blog about that, but instead I had to take my car into the shop (I almost said "into the vet")because it has been stalling on me, especially on Sunday mornings when I'm about ready to go off supplying. And I've just come back from the shop, only to find out I need a new fuel pump (which is going to cost $$$) and of course there's always other things wrong, which,considering the original $$$, might as well take care of at the same time).

Still, it could be worse. It is not a repair that is worth more than the car itself. It should clear it all right up.

And then I can go back to thinking about what else I can grow in a container on the patio this summer and early fall.


At 9:43 PM, Blogger Cathy said...

Hi Emily -
Thanks for posting a comment. Nice to know another Episcoknitter! I belong to a small Episcopal church in Bainbridge, GA - and have just taken up knitting after a long hiatus. I have several good female clergy friends - which seminary did you attend?

email: catnip56 at bellsouth dot net


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