Thursday, August 11, 2005

notes on the garden summer 2005

What I would plant again next summer if we're still in the same location, in no particular order:

Tomatoes. This time I would make sure they were in the biggest tubs possible to start. The grape tomatoes have been the most successful, of course they have the least payoff (a treat here and there). My Lemon Boys have produced two fruits, I'm not sure what's going on with the other blooms. We'll see how the Patio does here in the next few weeks.

Peppers. Easy peasy. Yes.

Squash. Again, I would start with a bigger tub. And I would get the hang of this fertilization thing earlier.

Basil. Yes. Harvest it earlier before it dies back.

Dill. Yes, see above.

Chives. Who knew the cats would bypass the catnip and go for the chives?

Purple fountain grass. Ditto. They love the fountain grass, even though we sometimes revisit it on our no longer pristine cream colored carpet.

Copperleafed begonias. I even did my best to kill some of them and they're flourishing and happy.

Coleus. A keeper. I will buy more of these next year.

Sweet potato vine. The purple faded quickly and the pink/green variety doesn't look that good, either. I'll stick with the plain old chartreuse variety.

Zinnia. There were four plants. Two died, two are going strong.

Lantana, verbena, had their rough spots but they are thriving in the heat.

I think I wouldn't buy another banana palm, too finicky in the dry heat.

After scorching the yucca, I now think it's going to make it.

Also keepers: rosemary, lavender, citrosa, geranium.


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