Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Knitting Content!

I picked up the needles again late this summer and I've been in a flurry of frogging projects that no longer interest me, finishing up projects that were languishing on the needles, testing out some new ideas, and trying, vainly, to use up stash.

Dishcloth from pattern in Creative Knitting. Spur of the moment stash-reducing project. The actual color is more purple than blue. Bernat Cottontots, size 8 needles.



More stash-busting. This is Aibhlinn. It used at least 2 and some skeins of Wool-ease from stash. I was hoping it would use up all four skeins, and it's possible it used up 3 and some, but it lived for a while in the trunk of my car, and then for awhile in the bottom of my knitting bag while my knitting was on hiatus, and now I'm clueless how much it used up. The pattern calls for this to go to 24 inches, I quit at about 20 as it seemed perfectly big enough. Benjamin Bear agrees with me on that assessment. The swirling rib stitch pattern is simple and fairly memorizable but looks really cool. And, I learned how to bobble!


These two dishcloths were the result of playing around with some ideas from Mason-Dixon Knitting . I don't know that I'm ready for an entire bedspread of mitered squares (the ends! the sewing up!) or an entire Log Cabin blanket (the ends!) but I found these projects to be lots of fun. I could feel myself ready to keep going on the Log Cabin. That log cabining, it's addictive, and I can totally see why those Mason-Dixon women are so into it. These are all Lion Brand Cotton--the mitered square dishcloth is actually the second in a series, but my mitering got off in the first one. Who cares? It's a dishcloth. All are doing duty in the kitchen as we speak.

In this season of retreats, conferences, meetings and diocesan conventions (and the ongoing whatever-you-want-to-call-it in the Episcopal Church), it's a good time to keep one's hands busy.

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At 8:28 AM, Blogger Brandy said...

But but I want to see the leg warmers!

At 8:33 AM, Blogger Emily said...

You will! I don't post UFOs because I tend not to finish if I post photos of them. . .


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