Wednesday, May 03, 2006

onlly human

So I've been away at a major diocesan ECW Conference for the past few days. Our speaker was Phyllis Tickle, noted author and observer of American religion, and I have much I want to say about her, and I will, in a later post.

But let me tell you about my trip home instead. Because, as I was on the verge of tears in the QuickTrip parking lot at 71st and Memorial, it did occur to me, "this'll blog."

You see, I had to stay for a meeting after the conference. And I also knew I had a parishioner in hospice care. And I hadn't slept well because my mind has really been ruminating on all that it had taken in at the conference, or is trying to take in. (Sometimes it is better just to have an empty mind). So, on my way out, as I fled the hotel, I crunched the right front tire against a curb that was jutting out oddly of the parking garage pillar.

As it definitely seemed to be losing air, I went driving around looking for a service station, hopefully with the kind that have actual humans and a garage. None appeared, so I ended up at the aforementioned QuickTrip (and this, my dear knitting friends, is why I never got any yarn shopping done, despite the fact that I drove right past Stitchworks in my quest for air.) By the time I had bought a new tire gauge (where had my other one gone?) and tried to fill it with air, in the hot sun, out in collar and good pumps, I was slowly starting to realize that my only help (other than the divine) was going to be in the form of 1-800-road assistance. Said tire was getting flatter even as I was trying to fill it. At which point I also realized I had a phone call on my cell phone from home of said parishioner in hospice care. This is where I almost had a small nervous breakdown. And cut my finger (not badly) getting out the donut wheel.

Well, the very nice man in the tow truck put on the donut wheel, and directed me to local Well-known Tire Store, and my new hero, the guy at Well-known Tire Store, got me out the door with two new tires in 45 minutes, and with directions back to the interstate that actually cut about 15 minutes off my drive.

All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things shall be well.


At 8:05 PM, Blogger kay_okc said...

Isn't roadside assistance great? I had a flat on the George Bush Turnpike in Dallas last year. Called roadside assist and a roadside hero came and changed my tire. He also told me this interesting story. He said if a wrecker service has 3 wreckers to send out on calls and has 5 calls (no this isn't a story problem lol) and 2 of those calls are from the popular alphabet roadside service customers those 2 will be taken care of last. The reason why is the alphabet roadside service pays the wrecker service $15 a call. The 3 other customers are cash paying customers so they will get the faster service. Interesting, huh?


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