Thursday, August 11, 2005

"Emily is. . ."

via Wide-Eyed and Laughingand Things of Infinite Importance

Go to google. Type "(your name) is" and paste your favorite 10 responses. (I've added appropriate commentary).

With the recent appearance of Hurricane Emily, there was a bounty to choose from.

1. "Emily is every professional who's been told to wait her turn."

2. "Angry Emily is storming in." (Because she's mad about #1, right?)

3. "Emily is headed right towards me." (And she's really angry, so watch out!)

4. "Emily is super duper sweet." (Apparently also passive-aggresive).

5. "Emily is dressed in black bombazine." (That should pull in the search results for "black bombazine.")

6. "Emily is stunned when Paddy asks to move in." (Well, who's Paddy?)

7. "Emily is growing more powerful."

8. "Emily is shy about her old-fashioned beliefs."

9. "Emily is strange."

10. "Emily is a flower girl." (An angry, moody, weird flower girl in black bombazine.)


At 6:47 AM, Blogger Charlotte said...

I have a major metropolitan area that's big at self-promotion ;-)

(I loved it when I flew out of the airport there. All the tschotskes had my name on them! Finally!)

At 7:15 AM, Blogger Emily said...



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