Monday, August 22, 2005

a little light reading

Hands in Dirt has a nice post on the project he and I are embarking on, beginning tomorrow, namely a very big book on the Reformation. (I'll give exact specs tomorrow here). He lays out a very thorough groundwork on why he is picking it up. I'm not so sure I have such a well-reasoned idea for it, except that learning about the Reformation was one of my favorite subjects in seminary. That was reinforced by daily interaction with Lutherans at my first congregation (we shared a building).

One of the books that we were assigned in seminary and that I have dipped into along the way is Albion's Seed. It traces the cultural habits in various parts of England and how immigration patterns of these particular habits to the colonies have shaped our regional histories. I'm curious to see what new insights about our lifeways will come from this new reading of the Reformation. My personal feelings about the U.S. is that we are the end result of the theologies of the Reformation, taking root in new soil. We'll see.

As noted by Don, it will be interesting to see if our various life experiences shape our readings of it.

More to come!


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