Monday, August 22, 2005

By the shores of Lake Texoma

When we moved to OKC, I found out one of my very best friends from the U of A graduate school experience was living a mere three hours or so directly south into Texas. So this weekend I took advantage of a gap in my supplying schedule and took a road trip to visit her. Yes, I spent a weekend away with a friend like normal people do!

We spent Saturday driving around Grayson County, which borders Lake Texoma, which itself was created by damming the Red River. The Red River separates Oklahoma from Texas, hence the name of the lake (highly original).

My friend JR and I crashed visited the exclusive Tanglewood Resort and its tower so I could get this photo.

Being in heat advisory range, we stuck to auto touring and took a quick trip through the Hagerman Wildlife Refuge. The story of Hagerman is on this Texas historical marker (of which there were plenty in that county--it has a rich and wild history, including the time when the county courthouse in Sherman was burned to the ground by a lynch mob intent on murdering the African American man locked in one of the vaults and mysteriously left alone). Its proximity to Oklahoma was fertile ground for outlaws.

But this is still oil country. It might have been a bird refuge, but that doesn't get in the way of Texas' main industry.


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