Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Five

1) Do you display a nativity scene, and if so, where?

We own a couple of nativity scenes, although I think the little ceramic Nativity set I bought in Nogales, Mexico during graduate school may be missing a few pieces--or pieces of pieces. I haven't found a good place to set it up yet.

2) Do you put a skirt under the Christmas tree? If so, what does it look like?

yes, sort of a folk art one from Cost Plus in dark green and burgundy colors.

3) Do you hang lights on the house or put them in your windows?

When I was in college I loved hanging lights in the windows. And when I lived in Arizona, we had them up in a festive way year-round. I'm not sure if we'll get any up on windows around our new place this year, too much going on.

4) White lights or colored lights on the tree? Big bulbs or the small, pretty ones? (I'm not biased...much.) We have softly blinking colored lights on the tree. I have bad memories of the big ones as a child--they got so hot! Although now I might enjoy them as a memory of childhood. I'm equally fond of white lights myself--truthfully, my favorite lights are the chile pepper ones I like to hang in my office year-round.

5) Do you have a tree topper? What sort? Who puts it on top of the tree?
We have an angel that I bought at a church bookstore fair that sort of perches dangerously on top--it's not really meant as a topper. (Maybe that would be a good present for this year. . .) Husband and I together sort of aim it at the top of the tree and hope it stays on.

I'm actually thinking about getting a small live evergreen for our patio--maybe I'll get some white lights for that!

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