Sunday, April 10, 2005

Guthrie visit

I've got some time here on an excellently fast computer this morning, so catching up on some blogging! I wanted to share about our visit to Guthrie, OK, which we did after we had found our new apartment in OKC. A friend from David's church drove us up to Guthrie because she was taking pity on my yarn shop withdrawal. Also, Guthrie is nice and historical and good for a quick day trip.

Let me say how much I LOVED SWAK, the yarn shop in Guthrie. Yarn addicts may have seen it advertised in knitting magazines. I signed up for their email list when I realized we were heading to OK. When I checked email in OKC, there was a notice of a sale. The Holy (knitting) Spirit, or what? So off we went, had a fabulous lunch at Granny Had One, toured the Episcopal Church in Guthrie, walked around the historic downtown, and I made my trip to Mecca. I managed to come home with only a few things, but I'm ready to go back! Only a knitter would consider access to a yarn shop incentive to get on with the packing and moving. . .


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