Sunday, August 14, 2005


via Bending the Rule:

My Music Personality

Interesting test. But the truth is I like music, period, and my collection reflects that. Mainly I go through phases.

It just occurs to me that, as with books, the music I most strongly listen to often has an emotional connection for me. I scored religious music high, not because I run around listening to (ahem) Christian stations, but because the hymns of our church mean something to me. I'm currently listening to all of my English choral music CDs in the car because of the connection to the Royal School experience. I don't collect a lot of alternative music, but I love every piece of music they ever used on "Buffy." I don't have much use for contemporary pop, but I love 80s music because it's the music of my formative years.

I'm not sure the quiz took the whole emotional connection into account.


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