Wednesday, August 24, 2005

This makes me happy

I don't even know if I want to admit to the story of this dining room table. Husband and I purchased it a couple of years ago from a well-known trendy furniture emporium (which doesn't need free advertising from me) but were too dumb to have it delivered and set up. We didn't know how heavy it was! So we put it away in our "denial room." As it became clearer that we were leaving St. Louis, it seemed obvious to leave it in pieces for the move.

My task for the past few weeks has been clearing our dining room here (lest it become another "denial room") in order to finally have a real table. A parishioner from husband's church came over and after realizing we didn't have the bolts or the instructions (lost in the move), the men went to Home Depot, returned triumphant, and actually very easily put it together.

With the amount of books we have and the space available it's more of a library than a dining room, but anyone who knows us would expect no less.


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