Tuesday, July 18, 2006

home again, home again

jiggety jig indeed.

Ok, I was away in Tulsa all last week. I have been at the annual Royal School of Church Music Summer Course sponsored by Trinity, Tulsa, and for which I am the chaplain. This requires moving into the dorms at the University of Tulsa (hereinafter referred to as "TU"), celebrating Eucharist at 7:30 in the morning, and generally hanging out with the staff and participants, and officiating our Evensongs every day.

Our time at TU also coincides with the annual Presby Youth Synod held there; I have no problems with Presbys or Youth Synods, but there just seemed to be an awful lot of them this year, always standing in front of places I wanted to be. But they always appreciate our sung tgrace, and clap heartily when we sing it in the dining hall.

I'll post more about the whole thing later--today I'm catching up on laundry and unpacking. It's like becoming a college student all over again for a week--pillows, linens, laptop, along with assorted liturgical hardware and software, all have to come along and be hauled up the stairs at LaFortune Hall.

I'm quite behind in my blog reading, too. . .I had my computer but the whole experience is really overwhelming and all-encompassing. Hope you all are surviving the heat!


At 8:54 AM, Blogger Kay said...

I'm glad you are home! Did you get to visit any yarn shops in Tulsa?

At 5:57 PM, Anonymous peripateticpolarbear said...

I interviewed at that college once. Youth Synod School....what fond memories of guitars and hormones.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger Emily said...

It was so hot near the end of the week when I had some free time I spent it in my nice polar dorm room!

At 7:35 AM, Blogger Procrastiknitter said...

Welcome home! How are the kitties?

At 9:25 PM, Blogger erin said...

welcome home! and isn't it just lovely weather out? ah well, the cold front that came through tonight brought the temp down to 92 degrees...

in any case, i wanted to let you know that you made my list of "RevGals to meet" from this week's Friday Five...which you have obviously been much too busy to participate in! take care, emily!


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