Tuesday, April 25, 2006

of penguins, polar bears, and flocks of women in lime green

Usually the plane flights between St. Louis and Oklahoma City are uneventful, and given that I usually travel on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday evenings, underpopulated.

Until this last trip.

Apparently, St. Louis was hosting the annual convention for a fast-growing upscale skin care company.

I couldn't figure out, when I got to the airport on Wednesday, why there were suddenly so many well-kept women in trendy but modest outfits, hanging around the airport. I think the entire Oklahoma sales force of this company was on the plane.

I can also assure you that lime green is very much the color of the day among this flock.

The Saturday flight from OKC to St. Louis is usually a sedate affair, with many empty seats. With the returning sales force, it was now a lively, charged atmosphere, as they lime green flock continued to chirp non-stop about their experience at the convention.

I did have a chance in STL to enjoy a long walk in Forest Park. I posted some photos up at our walking blog. But I always enjoy a visit with the penguins at the St. Louis Zoo. And between Cardinals fans on their way to a game and a group of Trappist monks, the people-watching was also pretty fabulous.

After leaving tne penguins I spotted this polar bear entertaining himself with his big red ball in the pool. He seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself as he bounced it back and forth and batted it around.

The cats spent last evening under the bed when the tornado sirens went off. That is, until husband came home and Hootie, apparently still frightened of going to the vet (in the middle of a severe thunderstorm), headed upstairs to the official hiding-from-the-vet place under the futon.

Well, we should all have a hiding place under the futon for life's more stressful moments.


At 8:22 AM, Blogger kay_okc said...

Lexi is terrified of storms also. Has been ever since she found me. Last night I had an old friend from Tulsa visiting. Lexi, who isn't always social especially with men, was torn between staying in a hidey hole or being with her mama (who gives her comfort and reassurance). She decided the male friend from Tulsa was safe and chose to be in the room with us as the storms rumbled over. It always breaks my heart to think of how terrified our pets are of storms and how we can best comfort them and communicate things will be ok.

At 4:54 PM, Blogger Annie said...

I'm glad you had a nice trip to St. Louis.

We had hail yesterday and all the pets began looking up toward the ceiling and around as though expecting the stuff to start coming through the ceiling. The cats slinked away. Mr. Dickens decided that the spot next to me on the couch did not provide sufficient protection. A few minutes later, I found them hiding under the bed.

At 7:43 PM, Blogger Charlotte said...

Lime green and orange seem to be the It Colors this spring.


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