Monday, February 25, 2008

hats off

It's a disease. A sickness.

I can't seem to stop.

In general, I don't use chunky yarn. NOT figure-flattering. But perfect for mariners with cold heads.

Questions were asked at Gourmet Yarn'stea party yesterday about the patterns that are being used for 4000 Hats in 40 Days. Circular patterns are fine. Jeanette has some patterns listed on her blog that are not the same old patterns Seamen's Church has been collecting for years. I've been doing a number of different patterns with ribbing, cables and stripes. I think as long as they are gender-neutral, warm and in the genre of watch cap or beanie that goes down over the ears, it's fine. If you're on Ravelry, you can check out the link to the projects we've made alreadyhere.

There's probably a reason I've been obsessed with the hat-making, other than I enjoy doing the different patterns and getting that instant gratification from quick projects. The last couple of weeks have been stressful at a level that's almost beyond description. I was sick with a nasty chest cold for a couple of days after the installation, returning to a regular schedule at work two days after Ash Wednesday (I got through Ash Wednesday on adrenaline and cough drops). Two days later, we lost one of our beloved members at church who had been hospitalized for something seemingly minor. We did her funeral on Saturday, and the following day, I attended the death of another member of the congregation, whose funeral was this past Wednesday. Stir in some bleak weather and the news that my beloved seminary, which in many ways was like a second home for me, is involved in "restructuring" and no longer going to be offering residential M.Div. programs. They claim they are "not closing," however, I am suspicious of the rhetoric being tossed about.

So prayers for Seabury--for the futures of the faculty and students, and for wisdom for the board and administration. And I'll go about my hat-making ways through Lent.
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At 9:49 AM, Blogger Jane Ellen+ said...

I understand the addiction. I got a cone of cotton yarn a couple weeks ago, and it's been trailing after me everywhere. Basketball games, various meetings, road time between churches (when my husband is driving-- I'm not THAT obsessive).

Washcloths. Dozens of them.

Moving on to hats this week. (^_^)

At 1:07 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I've got to finish a pair of socks (time-sensitive) then move on to the hats.

At 5:59 PM, Blogger Geek Knitter said...

I'm sorry to hear that things have been difficult lately. Get well soon, the hats are fabulous!


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