Wednesday, June 01, 2005

this and that

Baby grasshopper body count: only 1 today. A couple yesterday. So far, so good.

Meanwhile the gardening continues. I went out on the patio today and realized it's become a bit of the green haven I was hoping for. The palms are doing well, although I think repotting is in their future. Two small lemons on the Meyer lemon turned yellow and looked like lemons. This is, to me, a miracle. The tomatoes and squash plants are growing furiously, and may also need repotting. I've added dill, fennel, parsley, rue (heard it keeps bad bugs away so I plopped it in front of the peppers to discourage what's left of the grasshoppers). I finished potting up the stray bits and pieces I had into some bowls and a big old Ikea planter I'd been hauling around for years (had most recently held yarn). Some of these combos are more successful than others. The prettiest is a bowl with zinnias, verbena, and stonecrop. The iffy one is the Ikea planter, which holds the stuff that I wasn't sure what to do with, so it is stuffed with sweet potato vine, yarrow, lantana and a big ugly sedum that I thought would work with the palms but once on the patio was both too big and too small to be helpful.

On Monday DH and I drove first to Guthrie to have lunch at Granny Had One, wandering around antique stores (DH loves old watches and audio equipment, so it's not just me dragging him through there) and of course, a stop at SWAK. We popped back into OKC and through sheer luck found a way to the Paseo Arts Festival. I didn't see much I felt like buying, although I was tempted buy some stunning photographs of the waterlilies at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Meanwhile my online life is circumscribed because the NEC that has served me well for so many years is reaching the end of its lifespan. I have a new computer on order but seems to be taking longer than I personally think it should. So again I depend on the kindness of husband and other friends.

I have my first supply date this Sunday and next week we will be participating in a few diocesan activities, so I'm sure the pace will pick up soon. . .So I'm trying to just enjoy puttering on the patio and knitting in the a/c.


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