Monday, April 24, 2006

a meme

Just got back from St. Louis Saturday night, which will be my last trip for the Congregational Studies program I was involved in. I have photos but for the moment I will leave you with the A-Z meme that's going around:

Accent: standard Midwest (slight Chicago quality)

Booze: Gin and Tonic, margarita on the rocks with salt, or fruity something with an umbrella

Chore I Hate: cleaning the shower

Dog or Cat: two cats

Essential Electronics: computer, car radio, DVD player, digital camera

Favorite Cologne(s): I'm allergic to colognes/perfumes

Gold or Silver: silver

Hometown: Chicago

Insomnia: when the cats are chasing invisible creatures

Job Title: Interim Rector

Kids: If that is God's will

Living arrangements: spouse, cats, books, yarn

Most admirable trait: laughter

Least admirable trait (added): pessimism

Number of sexual partners: Nobody's business!

Overnight hospital stays: One, in a children's ward--and we caused a rebellion by demanding graham crackers and juice in the hallway after hours

Phobias: Swaying high bridges

Quote: It's at the top of the blog.

Religion: somewhere between high and low church in the Episcopal Church. That makes me via media in the via media

Siblings: I'm an only.

Time I wake up: 7 a.m.

Unusual talent or skill: liturgical chant

Vegetable I refuse to eat: lima beans

Worst habit: clutter

X-rays: Teeth, leg

Yummy foods I make: guacamole, buttermilk chocolate cake

Zodiac sign: I'm a fish


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Lovvely blog you have here


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