Monday, January 30, 2006

feline update

Husband has just retrieved the Hootie from the vet.

We have to put eye drops in 3x a day.

(Is there a saint whose particular intercessory specialty is dealing with the application of medicine to cats?)


At 3:36 PM, Blogger mibi52 said...

I think any of the martyrs who were lashed should be the patron saint of those of us who have to administer said medication to the cat. Daniel in the lion's den doesn't count because he came out unscathed!

At 6:23 PM, Blogger Emily said...

Yes, my forearm looked like it had posed for a St. Sebastian painting after a particular vet trip just before Christmas.

There's real possibility here.

At 8:09 PM, Blogger Kay said...

I think Hootie arranged a deal with the vet. Let's hold off on those eye drops so when they get back home I can get my aggressions out while pretending to fight over meds. :-)

At 10:16 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

I dunno about appropriate saints (I like the lashed martyrs idea). I was thinking that you ought to get some serious arm protection like... like falconers wear! A really heavy leather gauntlet or two ought to do the trick to protect your forearms. Would heavy, long gloves for rose gardeners (against thorns) do the trick?

Tryin' ta be helpful here, lol.

At 10:27 PM, Blogger Emily said...

So it turns out the answer is: I hold the cat, husband puts in the eye drops.

At 7:48 AM, Blogger James said...

Wrapping the cat in a towel or small blanket serves to calm it. I use the method to trim my cat's nails, and have not been scratched yet.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger Terri said...

Emily - St Francis of Asissi is a favorite of mine.


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